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Oceanic and Deep-Sea Conservation in the Coral Triangle

Oceanic and Deep-Sea Conservation in the Coral Triangle

The ocean is within all of us and is an essential part of our very existence.

Planet Deep focuses on the remote regions of the so-called Coral Triangle. There is now a pressing need for improved management and conservation of the sensitive marine habitats and species in this region. We strive to create a valuable contribution – financially, educationally and gathering much-needed data to support the evaluation development of Marine Protected Areas and MPA Networks.

We conduct scientific expeditions combined with innovative, sustainable, special interest tourism, whilst gathering critical data. We conduct expeditions that are exclusively science focused gathering data on our focal species. We also conduct expeditions focused on specific conservation projects such as marine debris, as well as providing scientific expertise & support in partnership with other organisations as well as for film/documentary making.

Our interconnected approach to protecting our oceans and the life within them is critical, not only for us all to survive, but thrive.

Planet Deep’s principle aim is to safeguard the last remaining ocean wilderness in the Coral Triangle.




Our curiosity must be insatiable: relentless exploration in pursuit of understanding and ultimately, protection.

Deep Sustainability

Sustainable development and “The Blue Economy” is at the heart of everything we do.


Planet Deep’s mission to explore, understand and protect, cannot be achieved without engagement, collaboration and education.



Coral Triangle

Planet Deep’s geographical focal area is the Coral Triangle (CT). The CT is the global centre for marine biodiversity and is an ecosystem that covers 5.7 million square km2.

Deep Sea Habitats & Species

Our focus is the nearshore but deep-sea habitats. The Coral Triangle hosts some of the deepest water on the planet: ‘Planet Deep’ has by far the most extreme habitat diversity, yet near shore proximity.

Current and Emerging Threats

There are many current and emerging threats to deep-water habitats and species throughout the waters of the Coral Triangle, and there is a pressing need for improvements to their management and conservation.



Our story is a little bit different; we are a group of people with diverse backgrounds, but with a combined passion for the ocean and desire to address a major gap in marine conservation.



The inspiration for the Planet Deep logo comes from a very powerful cultural symbol from the Massim region of Papua New Guinea, in our focal Coral Triangle area.


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